Are you interested in a career that lets you develop your creativity, find your inner voice and then tell your story? If so, SUNY Sullivan’s new Digital Storytelling program is for you. This degree opens the door to
a wide variety of creative professions. Become an editor, director, audio or lighting technician. Work on a film crew, in video or music production, get a job as a motion graphics artist or even become a YouTube internet sensation! 

SUNY Sullivan’s work spaces include a complete three-camera studio, digital audio production studios and an Apple-based HD Lab with nonlinear editing, motion graphics, and digital audio workstations. Using the latest digital content creation software, students explore their creative selves and hone the technical skills required to present their stories on disk or online. 

SUNY Sullivan’s Digital Storytelling program takes a hands-on approach so students in lab-based courses create productions from the first week of classes. Students also develop an overall understanding of the history, growth and impact of the media on society and society’s impact on the media. Students also learn media history, writing, and criticism, for a well-rounded background. An on- or off-campus internship provides each student with real world experience. 

The program culminates in a documentary film and an on-line portfolio that can be used for job hunting or for transfer opportunities.